A Place for Everything

Last week, Rob was pondering the pros and cons of order versus chaos in his smaller woodworking shop. A fellow reader had this to say about it. – Editor

“I, too, have a relatively small one-car detached garage shop. But, it’s bigger than any shop I have ever had, so it’s a luxury to me. I use roll carts for my benchtop machines so I can get them out of the way when not in use. My table saw, band saw and drill press are stationary, so they have a dedicated location. I’ve also found that my tool wall has saved me hours of time. When I can’t find my tape, I reach and get another. Same with my ‘behind the ear’ pencil and other tools I use frequently. One thing I have learned is to put everything in its place at the end of each day, whether I intend to use it the next day or not. I also clean up at the end of the day. I am losing fewer and fewer tools with that discipline.” – Tony Newman

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